Naked Deli

The Naked Deli is a rapidly growing restaurant company in the Newcastle area offering a healthy-eating dining experience for those seeking clean-eating, vegan and paleo dishes. Providing a %u2018whole food' option for the health-conscious is only one side of the story, as the company has partnered with Blue Castle to introduce new waste management standards and recycling objectives. Our Business Development Director, Ben Crosby has been working with the team at the Naked Deli and talks us through the project%u2026

"When we met with Chris Jones and Ian Jones, who set up and run the Naked Deli, they had just received a £2.5 million investment from Foresight to take the project nationwide with a number of new sites planned across the UK. There was a strong desire to review the way they were managing their waste and implement a recycling plan and deal with waste responsibly, with a view to roll out a blue print to all its sites.

Blue Castle took over their waste contract and immediately beat the current rates, saving the company money. After studying all the data we made a series of recommendations, including changing the bins at all the sites to meet new standards and recycling objectives, which will now be used at all future sites as they are developed.

As part of the consultation, we also discussed energy consumption and costs within the Naked Deli restaurants and were able to lower their costs, taking over the contract at the new Grey Street site. This tailored energy plan is now being implemented alongside its waste management at new sites.

It's an incredibly exciting time for the Naked Deli. They have already had great success with sites at Grey Street in Newcastle's Grand Central Arcade, Newcastle Airport, Fenwick Food Hall in Gosforth and its debut restaurant in Heaton's Chillingham Road. A new site at Glasgow Airport has just opened, with Glasgow city centre following on shortly. Sites at both Leeds and Liverpool Airports and city centres are anticipated in the next two months.

We're proud to be partnering with them on their waste and utilities management and the funding the company has secured is set to support them as they take their vision for healthy, nutritious food to a wider market."

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