PVC Banner Recycling

Blue Castle has spent years of R&D creating our unique PVC Banner Recycling Scheme. In partnership with printable material manufacturer and distributor, Soyang Europe, we have developed a system that enables PVC banner material to be completely recycled, keeping vinyl banners out of landfill at the end of their life and reusing the material responsibly.

Our scheme offers a unique solution to recycling vinyl banners, is easy to administrate and effective in its results. It's also the ideal way for print companies to demonstrate responsible print waste management to clients, with a traceable and low carbon footprint solution to disposing of printed vinyl.

Ben Crosby

Business Development Director

The Blue Castle Challenge

The Puzzle

"We're a large signmaker with a varied client base that's starting to demand a more transparent and environmentally focused supply chain when it comes to their printed graphics."

A Solution

  • A competitive quote for your waste collections
  • Advice through our printed media supplier on recycled and recyclable substrates

The Blue Castle Solution

  • All-encompassing competitive quote based on an onsite print waste audit by Blue Castle and Soyang Europe consultants
  • Unique PVC Banner Recycling Scheme
  • Complete waste management solution through your personal account manager
  • Reduction in overall operating costs


PVC Banner Recycling

Solving the print waste management puzzle isn't easy and having put years of R&D into our pioneering PVC Banner Recycling scheme, Blue Castle know that better than anyone.

Established since 2002, Blue Castle Group helps companies across the UK and Ireland to solve their waste management challenges. Our unique PVC banner recycling scheme delivers a simple, effective and responsible solution for print companies looking to recycle their vinyl banner waste and thanks to our innovative technology and partner relationships, is cost effective too.

For many print applications, PVC banner material still offers the best solution. It's cost effective, durable and delivers attractive results, however it doesn't degrade in landfill and presents a significant challenge for recycling. Blue Castle's team of expert waste management consultants has developed a unique process that enables the core PVC material to be reused in a number of other applications and with manufacturing partners based in the UK, the carbon footprint for moving the processed material around is minimised as well.

A small monthly charge gives membership to the scheme and in partnership with Soyang Europe, we collectively find the best solution for print companies and their clients, ensuring a smooth and simple process for recycling banners, exhibition stands, wraps and other printed graphic installations. We're also on hand to advise and present solutions for the other waste challenges that print companies face, such as cardboard, metal and plastics and our Utilities team can help further with preferential rates for energy and water contracts.

With our holistic approach to waste management, we're working with a growing number of print providers, signmakers and graphics producers to improve their print waste management process, save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Each one tells a different story but shares our goal of challenging convention, thinking around the problem and putting our clients first. Talk with a Blue Castle PVC banner recycling consultant today and we can do the same for you.

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