Smart Utilities Management Systems

"At Blue Castle, we're expert at providing and managing utilities for residential and holiday parks. You could say, we've done our SUMS and our Smart Utility Management Systems are here to help you with yours.

Blue Castle takes the time and hassle out of providing your residents and owners with electricity, water and gas, with our fully managed smart utility package.

Our utilities consultants use their years of industry experience to ensure that Blue Castle offer best pricing for your utilities alongside a unique, smart monitoring system that handles all your procurement, billing and maintenance. We'll be your customers' first point of contact delivering a first-class service for them too. With Blue Castle SUMS, it all adds up."

Ben Crosby

Business Development Director

The Blue Castle Challenge

The Puzzle

"As a park owner, I have nearly 100 properties, all with differing energy and utilities requirements.

I want to be able to offer a transparent metering and utilities management solution that is competitively priced for my property owners, that still saves me time and money."

A Solution

  • Renegotiate overall utilities contracts at renewal date
  • Install energy and utilities metering
  • You bill and collect monies from each property individually on their use and pay utility provider

The Blue Castle Solution

  • All-encompassing competitive quote based on an onsite utilities audit by a dedicated Blue Castle energy consultant
  • Blue Castle procure all utilities at best market price and take responsibility for collections and payments
  • Blue Castle install SUMS devices in each property's utilities box
  • Each property is billed only for the utilities it uses with owners able to track, top up and monitor use via our online portal
  • Billing is automated through Blue Castle with no input required from you


Smart Utilities Management Systems

The pioneering Blue Castle SUMS package delivers a powerful, transparent and effective solution to your leisure and residential park's utilities needs.

Our innovative, automated process saves you time, money and effort and gives your owners the power to look after their utilities use directly, with billing and account management that's clear, simple and easy to use.

We'll procure your energy and utilities for you, ensuring you're benefiting from the best market price and manage your contract with one of over 20 suppliers that we can select from. Blue Castle's unique SUMS device fits into each property's meter box and accurately records water, gas and electricity use. Billing is handled per property with the owner able to log in and prepay for service via our secure portal, meaning you never need to get involved in billing again.

To see how we can help you with your residential or leisure park's Smart Utilities Management, get in touch and one of Blue Castle's experts will happily assist you with your SUMS.

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