Waste Management Consultants

"Blue Castle is one of the UK's most innovative and environmentally conscious waste management and utilities providers.

Using expert services and products, Blue Castle helps businesses to increase their waste recycling, decrease their operating costs and implement environmentally friendly operational solutions.

By taking a holistic approach to waste management, the team at Blue Castle is able to deliver a different and better solution that positively impacts on each of our customers' businesses, whatever their sector."

Kerry Vaughan

Business Relationship Director

The Blue Castle Challenge

The Puzzle

"We're a city centre hotel and we're struggling with managing our waste disposal. Our bin costs have spiralled, we're getting complaints from neighbours about noise and smell, we're concerned about pest problems and we want to improve our approach to recycling."

A Solution

  • A competitive quote for your bin collections
  • Regular food waste taken to landfill
  • Reduction in waste costs

The Blue Castle Solution

  • All-encompassing competitive quote based on an onsite waste audit by a Blue Castle consultant
  • Bin collections timed to suit your neighbourhood
  • Segregated waste %u2013 food, cardboard, glass etc
  • Recycling programme
  • Food digester & glass crusher hardware to remove need for bins
  • Complete waste management solution through your personal account manager
  • Reduction in overall operating costs


Waste Management Consultants

Established since 2002, Blue Castle Group assists companies across the UK and Ireland in order to solve their waste management puzzles.

Our team of expert waste management consultants unravel the challenges companies face by delivering tailored services and products to help improve their waste and recycling.

We passionately believe that there's no %u2018one size fits all' solution, so our accredited consultants will conduct an on-site audit to fully understand our clients' needs before preparing a plan to allow them to increase their waste recycling, decrease their operating costs and implement environmentally friendly ways of working. We'll aim to identify areas of cost savings across the organisation, both short and long term and where appropriate, incorporate technological advances such as our aerobic food digester.

Blue Castle's innovative and personal approach to waste management can incorporate CIWM approved training for staff to ensure a continual, company-wide approach and our industry-experienced account managers guarantee a personal contact point for our clients, wherever they are in the journey.

With our holistic approach to waste management, we've helped countless hotel chains, sports venues, pubs, restaurants and bars, retail brands, care homes and many more clients improve their waste management process, save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Each one tells a different story but shares our goal of challenging convention, thinking around the problem and putting our clients first. Talk with a Blue Castle waste management consultant today and we can do the same for you.

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